Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cini Mini Bouquet

Christy challenged me with her creative project.  I signed up to bring cinnamon rolls to work and her idea was my inspiration.  I left out some of the details, Christy has them all.

I changed and used white sugar instead of brown and she used white chocolate drizzle, I used powdered sugar and milk.

Mmmm, yummy topping.

Now I wanted to wrap them in wrappers.  Frugal me had some from a St. Pats clearance.

But the pink vase does make them look very much spring like, don't you agree?

Yes, see sign... Lynley graduates Oklahoma University in May!!!!  I was trying to distract you by the sign, so you wouldn't notice the upside down shamrocks.  I had no other option.

You know I now have a very good appreciation for food photographers.
Not easy to make food look as yummy in pictures.

Now link over to Christy's presentation and great directions.
Great teacher gift idea, with the chalkboard mug she created to present hers in.


  1. They look delicious with your frosting addition. I like the vase and wrappers too, shamrocks are still growing in my 'garden'...and it's a good thing too or else it would just be dirt. :O)

  2. Those look totally delish! and the wrappers ... they look fresh and springy!!!

  3. These look yummy!

    I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful comments you leave on my blog. I don't respond to all comments because I don't want my blog to consume my life but I had to respond to you. You are always one of the first to leave a comment and I look forward to it. I just became a follower of yours (actually thought I already was or I would have joined sooner!)

  4. These just look so great Lori. Like big bunch of yum!


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