Thursday, April 22, 2010

How we met our house

How we met Halifax Lane, what a great conversation.  Every time someone asks about how we found our house, I love to tell the great story.  Flash back to 2001.  We had our old house on the market.  For sale by owner.  (I know, you are not supposed to do that.)  But, Halifax Lane was for sale by owner too.  We placed a contract.... pending sale of Lakewood we could buy Halifax Lane.  Two weeks later ours had not sold and Halifax Lane had another contract.  Unhappy sad day.   We took our old house off the market and six months later got a realtor.

The backyard was really what sold us on the Halifax house.  

Mostly cobblestone, less mowing!

Son in laws enjoying the fire.

We added the Lady Banks rose bush.

Almost like we are in a forest, not smack in the middle of town.

Lynn put a koi pond in.
Did I say we love this backyard!  Funny the actual house picture is last.

Flash forward one year later, 2002.  We sold ours (with a realtor, still took 5 months) and we had two weeks to be out.  We had been looking for about a month.  If we didn't find a house by this weekend we would have to begin renting and looking.  Our realtor called and said a house had just come on the market... on HALIFAX LANE!  She thought it was on the left hand side of the road.  I called Lynn and he said if it was the same one, with the great backyard, that we looked at the year before,
just write the contract.  

Tadaa!  It was....and the sellers could move out in two weeks!  They moved the last box out and we moved in... we were waiting out front with our first boxes to go inside.  

Looking down our street during the "great snowfall of 2010".

Our friends always laugh and say our town has an ordinance to cut down any tree with a trunk of more than 6 inches.  Somehow our neighborhood got spared, we love our trees!
Especially in the hot Texas summers.

It was meant to be.  Still love our house and spend much time in the backyard!
I love the front too, we are up on a little hill (slope more like it).  

Glad you're here!  Come in and visit.

I am linking with Our Suburban Cottage and how we met our house.


  1. Great story. LOVE your house!

  2. Oh my goodness you had me holding my breath, hoping you'd get the house! Which of COURSE you did!
    It's so beautiful -- gorgeous brick!
    wonderful story, too!
    It clearly was meant to be, the perfect match.

  3. Oh, what a fun story! Made me smile!

  4. What a great story and that rose bush is totally beautiful. I love roses like that. Thanks for the comment on my blog too.

  5. It was meant to be! Great to see your house and hear the story.

  6. Hi Lori! I see your pic on Kim's blog all the time and thought I would come and check out your blog. It is really lovely! Your flower arrangements are BEAUTIFUL! You have a new follower. Come by my blog any time!

    The story of your home is wonderful. That was definitely meant to be!

  7. Your home is lovely. The backyard is incredible and I wouldn't want to leave there either.

  8. Wow - what are the chances?! It must have been meant to be. I love your home, it's really beautiful...and my I just say what handsome son-in-laws you have? Sorry...couldn't help but notice :).

    Thanks so much for linking up to my party!

  9. Now that is a story! How awesome is that?!

    Lovely house!

  10. Lori you have a beautiful home indeed!~ The lady banks looks familiar. I love that bush. Enjoy the weekend!~

  11. Hi Lori
    Thank you for visiting my blog, I really enjoyed your house story, isn't this a fun game?! I love that you used this poem for your blog name. It is one of my favourite, one had that we had to learn at school when I was little and it's just stuck with me.


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