Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Golden Dinner

It was wonderful!  We gathered in our golden outfits, we feasted at a golden table and we had one heck of a great party afterward too.

Aunt Carole provided the little gold bags filled with chocolates, her favorite flower is daisies. 

Everything was gorgeous and the meal was delicious too.

The bride.

Uncle Walt loved his shoes.

My sister still fit into her dance line outfit from high school.  Go Joanie!

The pub crew.  Now that is a way to get around a cork fee.  One huge bottle of wine and don't our guys look fine!

I pulled out all my 1980 gold jewelry for the occasion.  Remember add a bead necklaces?

Everyone loved the video my cousin put together, but especially the sisters and brother loved seeing the old and new family pictures.  Thanks for the copy for us to take home, Sue.

Oh, that crazy college kid and his body suit.  Notice the upstairs chair bows ended up as accessories.  

The super cute couple, still going strong!  Did I mention they are my favorite Aunt and Uncle?

And then the next day we had to pack and go home.  What a great time!  Thanks everybody!


  1. That looks like so much fun, how lucky for the family to all be there together, just very cool, every last detail perfect!!!

  2. What a lovely party to celebrate a wonderful event!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I love all the decorations but what I love most is how happy your aunt and uncle look!

  4. What a beautiful celebration for your aunt and uncle. You are in my old neck of the woods now! My sister lives very near Stillwater and I visit a few times a year. There are some great antique stores and my very favorite candy store. {doesn't sound like that's the one you went too!} Thanks for sharing!

  5. This party is amazing! My favorite part is the gold shoes. You come from a long line of folks who know how to throw a party!

  6. Lovely party and kudos to them both for a loving long marriage.
    Love the gold accents, especially the gold shoes. Congrats to them both and also the party decor.


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