Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chihuly Exhibit - Dallas Arboretum

Part two of my date with Lynn.  And if you really love art you will make it to the end of this long post.

This boat area was possibly my favorite area.  

I would have loved to have seen these creations put together, piece by piece.

Look you could own a home across White Rock Lake!  

Oh no, these were my favorite.  A few of these got damaged in our recent hail storm.  But luckily they had replacement pieces in storage just in case. 




One huge pot and one japenese maple.

Then new amphitheatre, with these great quotes on concrete blocks. 

Beautiful Blue Polyvitro Cyrstals

How many times can I say amazing!

It gets better with a the waterfall!  Gorgeous.

Are you still with me? I think I took the most photos of this one.  Reminds me of a blue dandelion blossom that you could blow and and send it into a million pieces.  It was called the Dallas Star, appropriately.

This beaty was located at the end of Crape Myrtle Allee. Those are petals on the ground.  And the arch is created from the crape myrtle trees.  And at the other end of the Allee.....

 Bring the kids and plan to end your day here.  Have their swimsuit under their clothes and let them play with the frogs.  And maybe if you are lucky you will have to go in after them to drag them away.

We returned back at the entrance and we headed to our car.  I have to be honest, I packed a picnic lunch and we romantically ate in the car with the A/C on before we headed home.  Perfect end to a perfect date.  

Now go already!  See more about the exhibit and artist here.


  1. Wow once again! Love the sun! What an amazing display:@)

  2. Thanks for sharing your visit with amazing place to spend the day.

  3. What a phenomenal place. Each and every one of those pictures is just amazing. That sun is something but I really LOVE that last blue piece- WOW! xo Diana

  4. Gorgeous! There are no other words but gorgeous!

  5. Holy Cow!! One gorgeous shot after the other!! :) I'm amazed too. :)


  6. Wow! I'm guessing it's all glass~really stunning! I love the Dallas Star, and the shot of the crepe myrtle trees is gorgeous!

  7. This is beautiful! We had one of this artist's pieces at our children's museum and it was massive! It hung from the ceiling and was amazing!

  8. What a gorgeous exhibit! I haven't seen it! Shame on my, that must change!

  9. I would be so delighted for you to share this at Potpourri Friday!

  10. I love the Arboretum and I love Chihuly, but I couldn't picture them together until I saw it one evening after a concert. AMAZING!!!!


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