Sunday, August 5, 2012

End of summer napkins and something new

The end of summer has me thinking of palm trees.  I wish I was on a beach.  I added the red glass to cheer on the USA during the olypics.  

I also went shopping.  Yes, two totally different stores.  
I have been needing a mitre box and I was at the mall and not Home Depot so I was able to make two purchases.  

I have watched the employees at Home Depot cut stuff for me with their mitre, so I think I can handle this one.  Ohhh, the projects!


  1. Love your nod to the red, white and blue! Go USA:@)

  2. Go Team USA! I miss my palm trees so much! That is quite the shopping trip! Something for you and the hubby and something for you and the hubby!

  3. Good luck with that miter box-I can't tell you how many wrong cuts I have made using one- lol Love your shopping trip. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  4. Nothing like a new miter box! Love it. Enjoy your week Lori!


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