Friday, July 6, 2012

Babies Shower

Ann Marie and Michael had a surprise at the lake over the fourth.  Their first baby shower.

For their twins due in November. 

Michael loved his camo burp pads I made.

Hand stitched bibs from Gram.  And adorable reversible outfits from the Abadies.

The Robertson's have them ready for their first fourth of July next year and Emma brought the designer balloon decorations from California.

I provided matching fleur de lis dresses.

The Texas Ranger onesies where a big hit with the guys. 

Nanny crocheted quickly to get two blankets done on time.

They were really surprised.  We were glad they didn't check out their baby registry before heading to the lake.   


  1. Looks like a fun time! Always nice when you can pull off a surprise:@)

  2. Oh, what fun!!!! IT looks like the perfect way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of 2 sweet angels!!! It overwhelms me just to contemplate all the things you would need for multiples!

  3. Oh how wonderful! They got some really beautiful items. How exciting to have twins coming into the family- Blessings- xo Diana

  4. Precious!! I know they loved it! You and a fleur de lis??? No way!!! I think that is the sweetest thing and they will cherish it! Ann Marie looks beautiful!!!

  5. LOVE it! I bet they were so excited. Just a few more months until you are a LaLa!!!

  6. Love it! Ann Marie is just glowing! What a joyful time for everyone! Love that the babies will be here before the holidays!

  7. Oh, so FUN! LOVE the names they picked out! And the fleur dis lis outfits are precious!

  8. So sweet! All the stuff is adorable.

  9. Oh Lori I'm so happy for you...what an awesome life you have!!!


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