Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Definately not Pinterest worthy

I paid a lot for this cake mix.  At least more than I usually do.  The box was really pretty.  The cake cracked all over and I did not follow the frosting directions properly and realized it a bit too late.  With ice cream smeared on top surely it will impress.

Happy Birthday Brother!

The instructions said to heat the milk with the frosting mix first, chill in fridge and then add the butter and cream cheese.  I did taste it and it did taste good. 


  1. Yikes!!! I once made a 3 layer cake from scratch and one layer cracked. My husband suggested I put that layer in the middle, bad suggestion. When I frosted the cake the weight from the other layer spread out jutting out of the middle of the cake. It was not a pretty sight! A hint for next time on the frosting, all those ingredients should have been at room , then they would have creamed together more smoothly. Keep on baking, Laura

  2. Hey, you win some and lose some! It was done with love though and that is what matters!

  3. Don't cha hate it when that happens! Bet it was gobbled up though:@)

  4. Hilarious, but I would have no problems eating it!!! I'm finally getting a chance to blog again,,yeah back in the saddle, I've missed my friends, like YOU!!!

    1. Everybody, it was delicious! Not pretty, but good!

  5. Hahaha! We've all been there~at least it tasted good. :)

  6. Oh gosh that is funny. I once years ago when we were first married, tried making a cobbler. It was a disaster and my husband started calling it the chemo cobbler {I worked for an oncologist at the time} I am glad yours was delish!

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