Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daycation at the Dallas Arboretum

I asked Lynn if we could go on a date this past weekend.  I had heard of an exhibit at the arboretum in Dallas on White Rock Lake.

If you live anywhere close to or are planning a trip to Dallas before November put this on you list of things to definitely do.

A glass artist exhibit has been displayed around the gardens.  I promise every corner we walked around led to more beautiful pieces.  You hardly were ever out of sight of one of these gorgeous and amazing works of art.  Oh and by the way, an added bonus... the gardens!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots of our excursion.  
You are not even through the main entrance when you see these.
All hand blow glass pieces, by an artist by the name of  Chihuly.

Wow far away

Even more amazing close up.

You see what I mean, you walk towards this amazing entrance and you get sucked into the next exhibit.

White Rock Lake edges one side of the gardens.  You can see the I75 corridor in the distance.  

I'm saving some of my favorites for my next post.  You must come back to see.
Here are a few sneak peeks.

Read more about the artist here.  An American treasure.  Dale Chihuly.


  1. i love it... i want to go ... hopefully the weather will cool down...

  2. We are definitely going but like Valarie, we will wait till it cools. When I was a kid it was called the DeGolyer Estate. Do you remember that? We have always loved it.

  3. Holy Cow, Lori! That is phenomenal! I can only imagine how inspiring that must be up close and personal-xo Diana

  4. Absolutely spectacular! Thanks for sharing the fun pics:@)

  5. Wow! I've been dying to go see this exhibit, but now I'm ready to hop in my car....like, an hour ago! Great pictures!

  6. WOW STUNNING!!! These pictures are so bright and beautiful I felt like I was there. Did you know Dale Chihuly is from my neck of the woods? There is a huge glass museum here in Tacoma in his honor. But these pieces are the brightest I think I've ever seen.


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