Wednesday, July 25, 2012

50th Wedding Anniversary Weekend

I attended my favorite Aunt and Uncle's 50th Wedding Anniversary Weekend.  Yes, a whole weekend to celebrate with all their family and mine.  Where in Minnesota!  Our first night was at my cousin's home in Minnetonka.  They were a week away from finishing remodeling and moving back in.   How lucky for us to be the very first house re-warming party.

Here I am with my favorite Uncle and Aunt.  THE couple of the weekend!

The Nelsons had hoped that the house would be ready by party time, well they had hoped to have been moved back in last February.  Either way how great of Mike and Colleen to go on with the party.  

My favorite light fixture in the main entrance and you can see why.

Cousin time.

Eating time.

Relaxing time.

Our house warming gift.  Thanks Ann Marie for making the tags.

The party went into the night ~ I even caught the blue hour.

I just love this picture.  It sums up the whole weekend.  Laughter and it went by in a blur.

and this is just the beginning.  More to come.


  1. Oh-what fun- some of my hubby's family is from Minnetonka. Polish people. What a great looking house and beautiful family- xo Diana

  2. So much fun! That house is amazing.

  3. I LOVE that kitchen! And the chandelier...

  4. That house is fabulous! I am drooling over the kitchen!!! What a beautiful couple they are. You can just feel the love in your family! You were in Minnesota!! Next time you will have to let me know and I will come see you!


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