Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Before/After - Wooden chairs

Simple Changes

Pillow change - from old, faded and dirty to Voila...

First let me say to type or say the word for these wooden type chairs makes my head hurt.  It makes my mouth muscles have a little work out.  So, I am just going to call them wooden chairs.  Of course by now I could have typed the word 20 times.  But you know what kind I am talking about...starts with an A.

World Market had an ad with a great deal on pillows.  Their hook, they show the two styles, thinking you can buy one or the other.  When you get there they are a set of two, tied together in a bundle and they won't break them up.  I asked, so did a bunch of other people.  So instead of matching pillows we have a variety.  

If you have ever sat in these adarondak , wooden chairs, you know that you need a pillow to support your back.  I'm sure these will be faded and dirty by next summer, but someone will have another deal or Ballard will put their indoor/outdoor ones on sale.  I'm watching for that.


Dirty, faded... threw them in the trash.


This was the pillow I wanted two of.  But the variety ended up nice.  Actually now that I see the stripe in pictures, it is pretty fun.

Easy pick me up for the back yard.

Joining the fun at
Debbiedo's before and after


  1. Lori this is so funny, I just bought those pillows, and thought the same thing, I wanted two of the other...but now that I see them, I love the before and after party is going on now:) I would love for you to join, this is great!

  2. What a difference some pillows can make and love, love adorondak chiars...I don't know how to spell that either ;) love the change! Really makes the chairs POP!

  3. What a simple little change to brighten up those chairs. Love their color, BTW. Thanks for the visit earlier. I was beginning to think no one was out there in cyber world! LOL
    :-) Sue

  4. I absolutely LOVE those pillows!! I really like that they are different, but compliment each other as far as colors go. :O)


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