Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The power of pillows

Lynley's bed re-do needed new pillows.

Found these deals...

The Wally world clearance row first.

This pillow in real life, really looks aqua, picture makes it look baby blue.

$3.00!  This one didn't have a price tag, I was going to be willing to match the price on the one below, but it rang up $3.00, hey what can I say other than, "I'll take it." Wouldn't the stuffing have cost more than $3.00?

Wally world same day, $5.00... cool trim and love the grid pattern. Very chic looking.

Splurge pillow, of course how could I not, in all it's ruffley wonderfulness.  Yes, you saw it peeking behind the other two pics, you know you wanted to see it too.

Steinmart,  coupons savings only, still $15.00 not too bad, I had just seen a smaller one at Pier One for $39.00.  So, SCORE!

Yeah me!


  1. Love the score on the pillows! Can't wait to see what the rest of the room transpires too:)

  2. Love those pillows and those are great prices. I am a pillow addict you know.

  3. Gorgeous pillows, the ruffles are really in right now and I love them! I need to make a ruffly one. I saw s
    one today that was white and just had one double ruffle right down the middle vertically. It was beautiful! hugs, Cindy S

  4. Good morning Lori..
    grr google is frustrating sometimes. I have clicked and gone through the process to become one of your followers 3 other times- to no avail I might add. I tried again this morning and will check my sidebar list to make sure it works this time..
    alrighty now on to comment on your beautiful pillows~! I love them. Isnt it wondergul how pretty new pillows change a while room instantly. Pillows and window treatments are such transforming items...
    now where is the bathroom redo you spoke of when you commented on my goodwill finds.. I wanna see~!
    Happy Thursday and thank you for coming to visit me so I could follow you back here to see my follow status hant been added lol..
    Maybe it'll take this time

  5. those are great deals!!! even $15 for a pillow - that was still a steal! they are going to look great paired together! your blog is presh... i've enjoyed looking around!

  6. Thanks for your flattering comment on my blog! No I don't have an expensive camera just a point and shoot digital. I just play around with the settings. My hubby has an expensive camera but I have yet to learn how to turn it on!
    AS for your pillows-ruffles are so nice. I just wish I had more places to put them!


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