Friday, December 17, 2010

Two trees - double the fun!

We just have the one baby (22) at home this year.  Graduated college and job hunting.  So thrilled to have Lynley here!  So we went tree shopping...yep real trees, imagine that!

She fell in love with the little Charlie Brown sized ones, they were pretty endearing.

So to stay within budget we had to drop down from 7-8 foot to 6-7 foot.  

We ended up with a Douglas Fir, we are thing 7.1 in the 6 foot section.  Score! Of course the stand raises it up another 6 inches too. 

We left happy with two trees and as many spare branches as we could hold from the free take me home bucket.

Turn on the Christmas music and heat up the hot chocolate!

Charlie Brown Tree.
Traditional red and green.

My first tree skirt, 30 years old.  Santa for the kids.

See Big Tree post here...

Trees are always best at night!


  1. I love to turn all the lights off in the room except the ones on the tree. The whole room glows. Merry Christmas, Lori!

  2. Pretty trees, Lori. Hey you won my giveaway! Can you believe it. Send me your email and I have the code to send you.


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