Monday, December 13, 2010

Big tree and ornaments

Favorite ornaments. Our big tree is now all breakable ornaments, you can do that with grown up kids

A gift from Mom

This red and gold one really shines, but you can't tell here

colored glass ornaments really reflect the light

 Butterflies are new this year

My topper stuff that only I like.  But everyone loves the new ceiling!  See a peek.

I like how the lights reflect on the wood floor. The little tree by the front door, our Charlie Brown tree, that we  just couldn't leave alone at the tree lot.  First time to have two fresh trees.

Decorating done, now really enjoy the season.  Don't you think half the fun is putting the memories out on display though?


  1. I can bet your living room smells like Christmas with two live trees! That is the one thing I miss the most when I decided to go with an artificial tree several years ago. I also love the way the lights reflect off your hardwood floor. Just lovely!!

  2. Your tree(s) look beautiful! I'm loving that new ceiling too.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Beautiful tree and ornaments, Lori. Don't know about all glass ornaments if you ever get grandkids though. lol

  4. Your ceiling looks just like mine :)

    Lovely home you have. I hope joy and laughter fills it throughout the holidays and the year ahead!
    Joyeux FĂȘtes!

    Kind regards, Kitty

  5. Your tree is lovely, I love glass ornaments too! Thanks for stopping by and have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Your tree is lovely!! I have lots of breakable ornaments, but we still use all the softer ones too. And the ones made by the kids when they were little. Just waiting for them to come home from college to put those on themselves. :-)

  7. All the fun is the memories while decorating! Love them all especially your celtic cross ornament! The shot of the foyer with the two trees is gorgeous!


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