Monday, December 20, 2010

Featured again! Thanks Kim and Denise

I also made the top 10 projects for December with DIY, obviously I can hang a wood ceiling but I can't copy the button for my winning charm...... so here is their party link.

DIY Club

I joined Kim's Boring to Better party last week and she has graciously featured our ceiling.

Thanks, Kim
Check out her blog and the other great party going ideas.

Savvy Southern Style


And also.... Denise at First a Dream, thanks for giving the hubby a shout out too!

First a Dream


  1. That hard job deserved to be featured. No fun ever doing any kind of work over head!

  2. Guess what Lori, you won my giveaway for a year of Taste of Home magazine!!! I'll be emailing you for some info :) Congrats!!!


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