Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday New Year!

That is what December 31st is for me, I'm a New Year's Eve baby!  Yep, Mom and Dad got that tax deduction in just under the wire that year.  (Really she took castor oil to induce labor) worked so well her best friend did the same thing and they shared a hospital room on New Year's Eve!

Happy Birthday to me! and Happy New Year to everyone else!

Information on vignette
Lolita birthday glass - a gift - Noreen
Waterford Champagnes - a gift - from hubbie
Silver ginger jar - GW-Restoriation Hardware
Pewter snowflake plate - Walmart
Napkins - Marshalls

Napkins I'll be using on my birthday and on New Year's Eve.

It has been a happy year!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend and Happy New Year, too. May you have many many more! Looking forward to 2011 with you.

  2. Happy Birthday, Lori!!! Hope 2011 brings you all your heart's desires.... I keep looking at those shiny brass doorknobs of mine....Hmmmmm....You've inspired me, my friend....

    Have a wonderful birthday evening!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lori! I hope 2011 brings many fun surprises. La

  4. Happy Birthday! That's a fun story about your mom and her friend. :)

    Love that ginger jar!

  5. Wow everybody celebrates your Birthday, very cool Lori, Happy Birthday my friend!

  6. Happy Birthday! I guess you've either had some awesome New Year's Eve birthday parties or birthday parties were missed. Hope this one is a great one! Happy New Year

  7. Happy B-Day Lori! Lovin' your napkins and wishing you a great 2011:@)

  8. Happy Birthday Lori! I love your blog. The story about your Mom and her friend is so funny. I can just see them in that hospital room. Thanks for your visit and I am your newest follower. Hugs, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, Ginger

  9. Happy Birthday! Looking forward to following along on your adventures in 2011!

  10. Happy Birthday sweet friend! Thanks so much for stopping by means the world to me!

    I hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year filled with much love and laughter!


  11. Happy Birthday! Hope you did something FUN!!!

  12. I was dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year and I see that birthday wishes are in order too! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and New Year's eve too!

  13. Hi Lori!!~ Happy Birthday to you! And have a wonderful New Year as well. I look forward to more fun and napkins in 2011!


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