Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our children are amazing!

No matter what age our children are... they will always do amazing things.

Melissa and Sean ran the "Rock".  The Dallas White Rock Marathon - this past Sunday.

26.2 miles to be exact, without stopping, family cheered them on at the 5, 14, 19, 24 and the final step!

and still an amazing smile at the end!

Really amazing, I ran two blocks with them at the 24 mile mark!  That is about as athletic as I get folks.

White Rock Lake - HUGE

Our first sighting of them at the 14 mile mark.

14 miles and smiling!

Ann Marie in khaki coat running along side them, checking on them.

They got to have beautiful scenery, Highland Park, McKinney Ave, Arts District, White Rock Lake (around the whole thing) Lakewood, Swiss Avenue and then into Fair Park.  All that would take most people hours just to drive it.  Run on Mel and Sean!  We love you!


This lady restored my faith in strangers who trust people.  We are on this street full of mansions, I ask her where the closest port a potties are and she says, just go up in my house, first door on your left.  She gives out water and oranges on her own, unofficial water spot, And she had Chariots of Fire music blaring for the runners.  Her house was two miles to the finish.  She was amazing.

The Rock, my kids ran the rock!  I still can't believe it!  She get's it from her Dad!


  1. That really is amazing! ANd good for you even if it was two blocks..you did it!

  2. Congrats to your kids! Running a marathon is a major accomplishment. It was great that the family was there to cheer them on!

  3. Wow that is cool, how proud you must be Lori, looks like loads of fun...and that house with the big bow??? I've never seen that done very cool

  4. Wow! I am tired just looking at them running! Those houses are amazing!

  5. That is cool! I'm always impressed with anyone how can put that much effort into something.
    My husband is into triathlons, and every time I go watch him, I think I should try it. That thought lasts about 30 seconds.

    And what a nice lady to let you go into her house!


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