Friday, December 24, 2010

God bless us everyone!

Do you wait until Christmas to put Jesus in the manger?  I have to have him there right away, just can't wait.  My daughter taught me something this year, I always considered the barn structure the manger, nope... Mary laid Jesus in the manger.  A manger is a box to hold the food for the animals in the barn.  That makes it even more amazing that Jesus was placed in this lowly place for his first bed.

Here are the five Holy Families and their visitors that I have around the house and outside.

This set is my newest and was birthday present from my family, they are bronze and a beautiful size

My sister bought the barn and my Mother-in-law, Nicki gave me the figurines years ago.  Beautiful colors in this one.

These are scattered on the center of the dining room table this year, I purchased these myself as my first "grown up" looking set.

Snow Village church with the nativity next door.

Below is our set from the first year we were married.  I bought it at a Home Interiors party, back then I bought everything because they were cute!

Which is your favorite? They are all special.
Hubbie and I have been counting religious yard decorations.  They do not out number generic.  It is about one in six yards that you see anything Jesus related.

Merry Christmas to you and all your families and friends, God bless us everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas Lori:@) They're all very nice, the outdoor set is amazing!

  2. I LOVE them ALL, Lori! You are such a sweet friend. I miss you and wish we lived nearer to each other, especially during this time of year. I DO hope to see you in January when we head over the Market again. Merry Christmas and Love to you all!

  3. You have a beautiful collection, Lori. I have the Home Interiors set as well. I display Baby Jesus throughout the season.

    Merry Christmas! La

  4. Love the bronze set you have outdoors - awesome!


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