Monday, July 5, 2010

Which knobs?

I finished painting my shelf.  I chose black, you'll see why.



Black chairs, cabinet knobs, kitchen table, island all black.

It fits perfectly, this is my window seat in the kitchen that is a clutter collector.  Now maybe I will keep it neat and use the new piece to display some stuff.

I used Krylon spray paint and spray Minwax.

I sanded the edges.

You see what is weird.   I need help choosing the knobs.

I have caramel Anthropology ones, very fun and a nice contrast and 
I have black rubbed Home Depot ones.

Which do you like?

Comments please.  I am patiently waiting for it to dry overnight.  So I can fill the tiny shelves full.

PS. these knobs look really orange, but think caramel candy.

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  1. Caramel Anthropologie knobs. I mean, they are Anthropologie. Can you really go wrong with that?! ;) Looks great black, btw.

  2. I would use the black knobs and then the knobs won't compete with your display stuff. The Anthropologie ones are so contempory looking, but either would work.

  3. I like the anthro ones, just when displaying your decor, coordinate accordingly so things do not clash...that is not hard to do at all....I love the piece black!

  4. The Anthro ones are kind of funky and different. I like them. The others are nice and also more traditional. I see why you chose black and it looks great. I also like where you are putting it. I think that's interesting.

  5. I'm loving the pop of color! Which did you choose?!


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