Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Natchitoches, Louisiana

Lynn graduated from Northwestern State in Natchitoches, LA .  So this past weekend we went for a fun visit with some of his old buds and all the wives.   It was a couples weekend, but mainly, lots of guys visiting and retelling old stories.

Just a few wonderful pictures from the great little town.  If you are a Steel Magnolia lover you will recognize downtown.  We stayed at a fraternity brother's home.  This was our view every morning.  Marge the barge took us anywhere we needed to go.  Cane River!  Like glass if you like to water ski.

View from inside the home out.

We had fresh eggs for breakfast every morning.  Thanks ladies.

Wish I had a book to read like this guy.  Downtown the Easter Egg hunt hill from Steel Magnolias.

We went shopping, lots of boutiques and this wonderful hardware, everything store.  Check out the coke   freezer when we walked in.  Trustworthy little town.

Put your dollar in the tube and take a cold coke!

Coffee on the porch each morning.

Fun in the pool during the day.

Beautiful views.  

This is one of the 50 year old Kappa Sigs, still running the river and filling his boat with these, I mean friends.  (Oh did I mention she is my youngest daughters age.)  We all were practicing holding in our stomachs like she did after she left of course.  Oh Jack!!  Ask me sometime about the name of his signature drink he keeps gallons of on his boat. 

Was really a fun weekend!


  1. Looks like so much fun. How neat is that getting fresh eggs from the ladies.

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun...the reflection on that lake, AMAZING ;)

  3. Hey I could suck in my stomach too ya know...lol...too funny Lori. Looks like a blast...I would love to taste that drink:)

  4. What a pretty town! I recognized the hill right away. :)

    Maybe his 'friend' is amazingly mature, you think?

  5. Oh those frat boys and their toys.... Of course even/steven, now we have cougars out there!I can suck in my stomach too, ( a little) but I'd need a hoist for the pair upstairs.


    thanks for stopping by...


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