Monday, July 19, 2010

Around my town - Part Two

Finishing up the tour of my home town.  We have lived here going on twenty years.  I still do tend to call Louisiana home.  How long do you have to be gone from somewhere to not call it home?  Or is home where your Mom and Dad are?  

Onto the wonderful schools.  Which was a big draw for us with three in elementary school when we moved her.  We got lucky and were zoned for Pinkerton, which was one of the original schools in Coppell.  So it remained small. 350 kids.  All the other elementary schools had around 500.

And the high school.  My girls all graduated with over 600 in their Senior class.  With only one high school in town the enrollment is huge.  And did I say Texas football!  We loved Friday nights.  Our stadium holds about 18,000 I think, home side was always full.  The Dallas Cowboys even used our indoor practice field a few times.  You can see it at the end of the field.

Oh the hours spent in booster club meetings for Soccer, Cross Country, Volleyball, Cheerleading.  And then attending every activity.  Kept our days full.  Glad blogging wasn't around then.

Parks galore.  The month we moved to Coppell the city was building a new kid's playground.  Now I say city, but the residents volunteered to build it, they had huge lights to work through the night and volunteers to bring food.  Wonderful community spirit.  It still has been kept up and looks wonderful today.  Actually even better because the trees have matured and it is mostly in the shade now.

Kid Country

What kid wouldn't want this for an afternoon.

Duck pond park was within walking distance from our first home and had my daughter's favorite swing set. Lynley could wing for hours... "wing me Mommy, wing me!"

Our church, again was small when we moved here, but built the new Spanish Style building about 8 years ago.

Back to our neighborhood

And then when I pulled around back to park the car, the back gate was open and this was my view.

Ignore the flower bed trimmings.  But, I can say without a doubt this is home!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Great pictures! It looks like a nice place to grow! I actually haven't spent too much time in Coppell, but I've only ever heard positives about the town and it's offerings. :O)

  2. aww Kid Country! I have the best memories of playing there for hours with you guys!


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