Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Levi Bonnot was in town

The little boy my girls grew up across the street from, was in town for a visit,
with his new little boy.  


Megan (Mom) and Levi ( she got him out of bed for us, so sweet)

Melissa (my daughter) and Levi

Penny Bonnot (Grannie) and Levi

Little boy from across the street, Derric (now Daddy) and Levi

The kids were 8 when we moved there and became instant friends, the whole families did!
We lived by each other for ten years.  We are still in the same town, still great friends,  but Derric and Megan have moved to Miami, Derric is head of the Music Ministry at the Fellowship church there.

Way too far, but we are still way so proud of them, just wish they were closer.

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