Sunday, July 18, 2010

Around my home town - Part One

I had the idea of this post long before our town made national news this week. Sad story of a family in turmoil, our mayor and her 19 year old daughter. Murder, suicide and horrible stories of a family destroyed. 

Enough of that, we moved here in 1991, Dallas is huge and we were coming from a small Louisiana town, we wanted to try and find that here.  Even better we found Coppell.  19,000 was the population and it was a planned community that would max out at 40,000. We are at 39,000 now and running out of land to build new subdivisions on.  Our city leaders planned Coppell for 1/3 parks, 1/3 family homes and 1/3 commercial properties.   Perfect mix.  Wonderful community involvement, churches, shopping... well only one grocery store.   I enjoyed it when we first moved here, I could run to the store with no makeup and knew no one.

Come with me...
First stop, lovely little farmer market, every Saturday until November.  More on our "downtown" area in a moment.

We had these with dinner on Saturday night, homemade by Victoria in Hurst, TX.  She said they were made in an iron skillet.   I guess that means something?  They were great!

For dessert we had the chocolate croissants I bought from a Dallas baker.

A few of my favorite boutiques, don't always have to head to the Galleria to find the perfect gift.  But the huge Dallas malls sure are amazing and a fun experience when you need a fix.

Our town hall, when we first moved here the library was one room upstairs.  We would make weekly trips with the girls.

Coppell's little theatre is located in an old firehouse.

Just a very few of my favorite homes in town.

Our old downtown, is one street.  We were not the bustling old time downtown.  We were a city of farmers and Grapevine, TX the next town over has the huge old downtown.  But the city is trying to make that area into a great development.  They have saved some buildings and there are plans for a new  town square.  With shops and room for an expanded permanent farmers market.

Next up schools, parks, church and our neighborhood.  I'm telling you our town is small. I think it is MAYBE 10 x 10 miles wide total.  So this whole running around taking pictures took me about 30 minutes.  I took most of them running my Saturday morning errands.


  1. I've been gripped by that story of your mayor and her daughter. I just can't wrap my mind around it. As for the positive side of your post, I love that you did this. I have friends in Coppell and know the area well. You might have inspired me to do a post on my area (Keller). Nobody has really done posts on their towns before. How fun and I learned some things!

  2. I have not heard that story yet, of course we are on vaca, and I will wait to get home to read about it. Lori the rest of the post was uber charming...I just love it. I want to get to Texas someday! Thanks for popping over. Debbie

  3. Your town looks like the perfect place to live! Everything is so cute.

    I was just reading the story about your mayor last night on AOL. It just broke my heart. I pray that their family can somehow find peace during this sad time.

  4. Sorry about the sad news. :( On a brighter note, I really enjoyed this post! Your town looks so quaint. :)

  5. What a wonderful town! The farmers market looks like something out of a little town in France on market day! And I love the little shops...looks like perfection. I hadn't heard the news story...out of touch with grandchildren sad. Hope all is going well for you!...hugs...Debbie

  6. What a lovely town. I could spend hours in the farmer's market.



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