Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summertime and our Pond

I call it "our" pond, I just get to enjoy it, Lynn does all the work... and it does take work, mainly cleaning the filter for the pump.  We have been having a week of Texas storms, so the pond is not so crystal clear as it normally is, but enjoy my tour.

View from our backdoor, yes tiny back yard, just perfect.

Come in a little closer.

You are getting a glimpse of who we lovingly call "big boy".

Lynn put the pond in one year after we were here.  North Texas soil is like concrete, so not an easy task. It is a plastic solid liner, we have gone through about four pumps in seven years.  Big boy may be the only fish left from our first summer.  More on him later.

Mermaid just relaxing and watching over the pond.  Not very well though three of our fish were eaten this summer.  We think by a snake.  

Did I say it has been raining all week.  Nice gloss to the water lilly though. But makes for a cloudy pond, usually it is crystal clear.

Big boy can be a little pretentious.  When we lost the three fish, my step dad gave us three from his Louisiana pond.  That is amazing 5 times the size of ours.
Anyway, when we added the three little fish they soon hid in the corner behind the pump.  See one in the left hand corner.  They haven't come out in a month.   The first morning after we added them, we were just sure they had been eaten too! Nope Lynn found them hiding.  Maybe one day they will be brave enough to swim with the other three.

One of my favorite parts of the garden.

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  1. It is a beautiful tranquil! I can see time and love is given to it! Have a great weekend Lori! Last day to vote for me, get in a few more if you would:) Thanks!~

  2. Oh this is SO lovely!

    Happy 4th of July!

  3. It is hard being the little fish in the big pond...I crack myself up.
    The raccoons destroy my water feature every time I add fish. I just gave up on fish.
    If I thought for one minute snakes were coming in to get them I would move to an apartment building. Eek.
    Your pond looks very tranquil and inviting.

  4. Ohhhh... nice! I so miss having a pond and the sound of trickling water. I had one two houses ago and adored it! May have to reinvent that one again one day in my current place. You've really inspired me! Lovely!



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