Monday, July 26, 2010

I love big b... and I cannot lie....

Come on sing it with me... I love big BASKETS and I cannot lie!!
I heart baskets, all shapes and sizes.  

Today, while running around town I had a chance to stop at our CCA store. Christian Community Action resales store.
Didn't have to rush. 
Red tags 75% off, green tags 50% off.  I will use this information later.

Found this first...  perfect for the chalkboard I have been wanting to create for my kitchen.

Green tagged at $3.49  my price ($1.74)

Then I found this little plate, would be great for dips...

Red tagged at $1.49 my price (.37 cents)

As I headed down the basket aisle I was very depressed, sad, sad looking baskets.  You know the kind used, painted, chipped, broken.

Then one aisle over on the glass aisle, someone must have had second thoughts and dropped this baby off on the bottom shelf. 

Angels sing... see the original tag...  $23.95.  Don't you just love original tags, especially when the for sale now tag says.....  tadaaaaaaaa    $1.49.  Yellow tag.  Gee not on sale, sold anyway!!

Total at check out, yes I had to blink too, try not and act too excited or the check out girl might think she did something wrong, nope.....$3.90 total, that's it, hurry give the girl $4.00 fast.

Oh where to stash the basket and what to stash in it?

Then I had time to swing by Marshall's for a quick look at the clearance areas.  Great plate to add to my white/off white collection.  Check out the detail.  Heck paid as much for this one piece as my whole check out at CCA.

Love the detail.  Love the thrill of the hunt!  Happy Hunting to you to.

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  1. You done great Lori....Love your baskets too!

  2. I love baskets too!!!! You got all kind of great goodies!!!

  3. You really scored some treasures for only $ that basket!!!! Thanks for showing them off at my PARTY!


  4. I am right there with you on the hunt for a chalk board. Glad you found yours. The basket is nice and roomy...well done. Happy WW! olive♥

  5. I really like that plate though - even though you paid SO much for it! Ha! Have a great WW! Sandi

  6. Oh my I love baskets too!!! The bigger the better. All of mine are antique and I have 2 large ones. One was an old Field crop gathering basket and the other is an old laundry basket. You got a terrific deal on that basket and I love the color. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. There is nothing quite as much fun as the thrill of the hunt, is there, Lorie? And it's simply glorious when one finds treasures such as these! How lovely...

    So much fun visiting with you...


  8. Thanks Lori...I got a chuckle again coming over when I read your opening line...Have a great weekend. Debbie


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