Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cottage Cheese Ceilings Going, going, gone...

My hubby said I was out of my league on this one.  Let's see if he was right.  
I just need a really tall ladder, we have ten foot ceilings, lots of wood, primer, paint, nails, oh and a saw.

I figure the labor by us will save thousands.
The inspiration

Source unknown

Step one, the plan
Cover up popcorn ceilings and settling cracks
Contractor quotes... $9,000 and $18,000.

Step two
Buy these...

Pine boards, a ton
semi-gloss paint
(hubbie got roped in to help, this is a two person job)
Supply estimate will run us around $1,200

Did I tell you I'm at beginner level on this project.  I'm told that is what it is.  I have a feeling just very labor intensive and lot's of neck and back pain.

Step three...
In the beginning.... oh I know the suspense is killing you....
come back to see....


  1. This is a huge project, hope it turned out great for you! Oh yea, lots of inspiration in those photos:@)

  2. I'm really going to enjoy seeing the transformation! I'm very impressed that you are tackling this one on your own and I'm sure you'll succeed with beautiful results. Keep us posted.

  3. Tease!! LOL, I can't wait to see the finished ceiling.

  4. You're a brave woman! As much as I hate my popcorn ceilings, I don't think I'd have the are my hero!

  5. Oh what a job! Better you than me, I have no patience for the messy gross, but in the end, and awesome project!

  6. Hey Lori! Im your newest follower and Im soooo lovin your blog! everything is BEAUTIFUL! I will be spending shameful amounts of time here :) I would LOVE it if you would visit my 14 days of xmas trees...and i have a giveaway! So glad I found you!

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  7. That's going to be a huge project but you'll never look back once it's done! It always looks 1000x better!

  8. Oh, I can't wait to see it. I know it will be gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  9. I love the inspiration pics, Lori! I didn't think I could do what I have done in the kitchen by myself! You can do it!

  10. If you haven't started yet, Cindy at Cottage Instincts just put got rid of her popcorn ceiling and put up beadboard wallpaper on the ceiling. It looks great and she has tons of tips that might help and save you a headache. I love that kitchen at Twice Remembered. I have contemplated those red cabinets for about a year now. Can't wait to see what you do in your kitchen.

  11. It is going to look amazing:) Can't wait to see pictures!
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  12. I can't wait to see it! I'll have something to show my husband so I can say "See? It would look good in our house, too!"

  13. OK...WOW! I not only want to see pics of the work in progress, but I want to see pics of "Hubby" helping! Good luck to ya; this is not going to be an easy job.


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