Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wedding Day Fun

After taking in the museum at Fort Benning, we headed back to get ready for my nephews wedding.  

Not fair they are now enjoying a cruise.  We are all taking naps to recuperate.
A quick shot of the cousins before the ceremony.  

Grand-daughters with Nanny

Parents of the Groom, Larry and Rhonda.

Gorgeous church and wedding party.

Lovely setting at a Columbus Country Club.

Cakes, the grooms with his favorite twinkies and oreos.

Their guest photo sign in

Christina the newlywed with us and their getaway car below.  It was a vintage something and is Christina's grandfathers car.  They brought it out of storage for the day.

Weddings are so much fun!


  1. Gorgeous! The day looked fabulous as did all of you. My sis is getting married in August, and I can't wait.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Y'all looked so pretty.


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