Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring is in the air and everything is yellow

Spring 2012 has arrived.
The rose spills over the fence gate.

This is inside the back yard, same rose.

Azalea is on the downside, but still beautiful.

The wild fern is back.

As well as the Asian fern.  This guy stays little but is colorful and beautiful.

The Japanese Maple shades the Asian fern.  The pollen from the native Texas oaks are what makes everything have a yellow dusting in our yard.

The ajuga ground cover is blooming and spreading.  

The azalea that never blooms is blooming!

The tree ferns are tripling in size, remember no hard freeze this past winter.

Up next St. Pat's Weekend.

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  1. So pretty--can't wait to have spring here! Love that rose.

  2. Spring is such beautiful and amazing season. You share fantastic spring images with us. I love this yellow flower so much.

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