Monday, March 19, 2012

Parade day, oh the fun!

Baton Rouge, LA has one of the largest St. Pat's parade in the USA.
Luckily my sister and her husband own a home at the beginning of the parade route. 
There were icy refreshments.

My Mom and her signature Irish Coffee station.

Family time is the best time of the weekend. Lynn below in his parade day outfit got him an article in the local newspaper.

Just a few pictures of the 90 floats in the parade.  The city asked them to narrow it down from the 120 they had last year.  

They call this street Hundred Oaks for a reason.  Gorgeous tree lined street in an old historic neighborhood of Baton Rouge.

I guess the guy in the purple and gold thought it was football season and he came ready for the tail gate party.  The people on the floats do throw as many beads as you could want.  Or can pile around your neck.

Rachel got roses and carnations, Sydney got the cabbage (plastic) adorned necklace.

Tiger eared hat from the theme of the one of our family float years.  Yes, we used to have a float in the parade for about 9 years.  

After the parade we ate yummy chicken and sausage pastalaya and most everyone takes a nap.

Up next how to put on a great crawfish boil. 


  1. I KNOW y'all had a GREAT time; I told Caitlin you would be "parading" over the weekend!

  2. Weekend is great time to get relax and refresh. You allot fantastic image of parade day. Its have lots of fun and happy weekend.

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