Sunday, March 25, 2012

National Infantry Museum, Fort Benning

We attended the wedding of my nephew in Columbus, GA and took a little side trip to a wonderful museum.  If you live close you must go.

On a gorgeous day we spent some time, not enough, give yourself three hours if you want to see everything.  Located on the grounds of Fort Benning, GA.  

You enter through a wonderful exhibit that takes you from the American Revolution to present day conflicts.  

They had actual soldiers from Ft. Benning to pose for these re-enactment scenes.  The faces could not be any more lifelike.

Melissa's father-in-law, Sean's Father is a Ranger, (civilian now).

As we were leaving a platoon was waiting patiently to enter.  I have a feeling they stand like this a good bit of their time while on base.  

Here is our little troop out front.  Michael, Ann Marie, Lynley, Lynn, me, Melissa and Sean.

My daughter wanted this picture below.  We left even more thankful for our men and women who serve for our country.  

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  1. This makes me weep! Partly because I an patriotic, partly because I consider these men heros and I am so grateful and partly because I am a mom and a wife... and I can feel for each and every families great sacrifice... and I am soooooo very thankful!
    Most beautiful post! So happy I stopped by!

    1. Yes, Yvonne. It did make us all feel so grateful. It was very touching, you said it perfectly great sacrifice.

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  3. That last sign photo is so moving. I've always meant to go to the Imperial War Museum in London but I never have. This looks very similar....

    It makes me so grateful for the freedom we have.


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