Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crawfish Boil sort of, no boil, but crawfish for sure

The night before the St. Pat's parade day always has crawfish involved.  Either we would go to a restaurant, boil it ourselves or our newest version, order it cooked and pick it up.  We are much older and wiser and can afford the extra $1.00 per pound to have it boiled for us.

100 pounds ordered and eaten this year.

You need these two things, the crawfish and the keg and then you are pretty much ready.
Oh and the corn and potatoes are cooked with the crawfish.  Paper towels a must and don't wipe your eyes once you start eating these spicy little critters.  

The gang waited patiently and visited while the guys picked up the crawfish.  

The grandmother's joined in the fun as well.

Chris's Dad Leo created this genius contraption, you place the edged table on two saw horses and then place a trash can under the center to throw crawfish heads and shells into.  

Let the fun begin...

Tara (how Irish is she) showed off her Irish Dance skills.

Sorry my first video to try and add to my blog.  I don't think it worked.  And I held my camera the wrong way obviously, so if you can play it, turn your computer or your head sideways, but she was fabulous.

She and my niece setting up the music... my niece has the same curls in brunette.  

If you want to see another version of a crawfish boil go here.  Melissa over at Made in the South gives an authentic version of the whole procedure.


  1. Ohhhhh my!!! I know this was fun time!! I told Melissa that I went to dinner with Hubby at Razzoo's on Friday night. It was March Madness and the crawfish were being served in droves!! Mmmmmm!!!

  2. YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!! This reminds me so much of our oyster roasts! We have tables like that out of plywood. We aren't as fancy as you guys! We throw the shells of the oysters in because you dump back out in the marsh and they regenerate in about 5 years! I like to think of it as the gift that keeps on giving! :-) Love love love the Irish dress! They have Irish dance classes in Minnesota. I am trying to get Jemma excited about that, but she is all about karate right now! Hopefully I can convince her! What a great time you guys had! I hope everyone is doing well!!! :-)

  3. my mouth is watering!

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