Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

We started the weekend fun by decorating for my nephew's wedding for the rehearsal dinner.
It was at a gorgeous location on the Chattahoochee River at the River Club.
The city had just blown the damn during the week and the river was filling back up after some construction and new engineering to the river. 

Does anyone know what the building is called with the water running through it?  Millrace?  I saw that on another blog.  That Old House  What was its purpose I wonder?

Some kayakers were taking advantage of the new water flow. 

Rhonda decorated with lanterns and every guest got to take home a picture of the wedding couple, Christina and Elliott.  

Laughter and great food made for a fun night.

Sunset on the river was great too.

A wonderful way to start the weekend.  

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Kees


  1. Looks great Lori! I do not see my updated blog roll on your sidebar yet...did you change the URL, delete the old one? Not sure what is going on. You will get it sooner or later. Thanks.

    1. You had a wonderful time, love the photos. Congrats to the handsome couple and may be forever happy. Lots of hugs,

  2. Looks wonderful...great idea with the photos.


  3. Beautiful pictures!


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