Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thanks for your suggestions..

I found my old coca-cola holder in the bottom of the Easter decorations.  Don't ask, I do not know why the Easter bunny stored it there!

I asked for suggestions on what to do with her, and boy oh boy did you all come through.  Lot's of flower suggestions, I did buy red geraniums, but hubby put them in the ground really fast. 

So here are the fun runner's up.
She is wearing the new ruffled skirt that I made for her.

Remote controls

silverware caddy

She got a reversable black skirt, for when she is feeling bloated.

I didn't think magazine's would fit, but they did.  Wine bottles didn't.

Neither did cookbooks.

Napkins will work

and she does hold magnets.

But in the end, she is currently being used as a centerpiece.

A small coke bottle, a red candle holder, some greenery and a silk red magnolia.

Thanks, She is quite the center of attention now.

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  1. That makes a great centerpiece, so cute! Love that you put a real coke bottle in it. The black skirt for when she's feeling bloated cracked me up. Thanks for that!

  2. That is perfect, just love the little bottle in there too, great job!!

  3. It looks perfect. I love it the way you are using it. That's the same way I use my frenchy bottle carrier. Love that little skirt. Hugs, Marty

  4. Well she looks outstanding all dressed up!!!!


  5. Lori I LOVE IT!! Love the metal tray too! Martina

  6. It's adorable!! Love the skirt, the fact that it's reversible makes it all the better. She's a very versatile gal :)

  7. We all need a black skirt for those days when we feel bloated. :) It's a great centerpiece! The bottle makes it extra cute.

  8. Great look and wonderful use of something old made into something new - and better yet - with charming style!

    :D Lynda

  9. Hi Lori
    Love the centerpiece idea the best. It looks great, and aren't ypu the talented one to make a skirt for it?
    Happy Spring day to you!

  10. That looks just darling Lori! Every which way is great (well, except for the cookbook!) but I definitely like it as a centerpiece. So creative!

  11. I just love old baskets and bins...they are getting harder and harder to find. This turned out to be just adorable...what a treasure! Hope you have a great week. ~Ann

  12. I just had to leave a handwriting never looked this good! How very clever! And humorous also....such talent! Thanks for sharing!

  13. That gal sure is versatile! Love how you chose to display her.

  14. I love this! Love all the different looks.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Okay Lori, that is too stinkin cute! Love love love it!


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