Monday, April 4, 2011

Front yard makeover!

I wish I had a before, but just imagine dirt.   The grass had pretty much washed away over the years.  So for the last two springs we have been relandscaping.  

Last spring we added a mulched and stone walkway on the right side of the yard.  Then I added a row of tree ferns.  This year they have doubled in size.  

In front of the tree ferns we added a scalloped design of lariope and it has beautiful purple blooms towards the end of the summer.  PS... you can't kill this stuff, even Texas hot and dry summers.  We do have a sprinkler system to help out.

This spring hubby tackled the left side, he added sod along the whole front.  I added a new bedding of lariope to match the other side.  And we created another walkway between the grass and lariope bed.

We moved the potted pink magnolia to the front between two bedroom windows.  Once the huge native oak buds out, it may not get enough sun there and may travel again, kind of glad he potted it first.  

Lynn doubled this fern by placing two in the hanging basket.  

See all those yellow wormy looking things.  It is full of pollen from the trees and also why our cars all have a yellow tinge to them this time of year.  They are everywhere. We need a big rain to wash them away.

Love this hanging basket, hubbie just combined a bunch of small ivy and fern plants last year.  It survived the winter in our garage and is back in all it's hanging beauty.  Looks so natural.  I had him place it by the front door so we could enjoy it coming and going.

Bless this house and my yard man!  


  1. It looks beautiful, Lori. I'm sure it took a lot of work.

    Things are just now starting to turn green here. We still have about a month until we can plant anything.

  2. Can you come plant some grass in my backyard? We really need some back there, but we have too many other DIY projects on the list ahead of new grass. Love the walkway and that huge (double) fern.


  3. Your yard is gorgeous! I love the ferns. I really like your new header, too. Sharp!

  4. Looks like your man is one of the hard working sort.... Beautiful pics! I've been toiling in my backyard and sure wish I'd taken before pics as well....

  5. Love the new look of your blog! And your yard looks awesome! Since we are just a hop, skip and a jump away we have many of the same things in our yard.

  6. You guys did a great job with your yard! It looks so pretty and really creates a welcoming look to your home.

  7. I love ferns too! I wish I could grow them in my house but they sure look good where you've got them


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