Sunday, March 27, 2011

What would Mamie Jane or Three Ring Cottage do with it?

I found this in the bottom of my Easter decorations, go figure?  How it got there??? What would Jane at Mamie Jane's do with it?  What would Gina at Three Ring Cottage do with it?  What would you do with it?  What should I do with it?

This has to be my very first vintage purchase, I got it around 1981, the first year I was married.  Would you go buy six bottles of Coke and carry them home in this?  Carry it full to a picnic?  Was it a give away item to get you to try Coke?  I wonder?

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  1. What a great find that you didn't know you had. Fill with flowering plants or greenery or different old jars filled with different vintage items. You will think of something.

  2. Hi Lori,
    I'm flattered that you thought of me! That is a great piece, I see these at antique malls and they always have a high price on them.
    My first thought was exactly what Kim said, fill with old jars and add plants. Or old wood kitchen utensils (some of the old wood ones with painted red handles would look great with the red logo). Since it is a coca cola item I wouldn't permanently alter it in any way. If you wanted to jazz it up a little you could make a little gathered "skirt" (using elastic) and slide it up and around the bottom of the container (right under the logo). This would be cute in like a red ticking fabric. Add a rolled fabric flower.
    It is magnets stick to it? If not having the logo displayed is OK with you, you could display some pictures or old recipe cards on it, holding them on with magnets. If you could find some coca-cola bottle caps you could make some magnets out of those.
    See what a good cup of coffee does for me in the morning :)
    If anything else pops into my head I'll let you know.
    It's a wonderful piece and I know you'll have fun using it.

  3. Wow! My friend collects Coca Cola items and she would love this. I think it would be fun to fill with condiments and napkins for a cook-out. It would look great filled with red geraniums too.

    Have fun with it. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. Don't ya just love surprises! Too cute, have fun:@)

  5. So many good ideas already! Keep em coming!

  6. How about some bulbs showing with the tulips? Just in time for Easter....

  7. Oh how fun. I would put a mix of things in it. How about a bottle with old silverware, a plant, a wine bottle, a bunch of napkins. So many great ideas. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  8. Lori that is an awesome find! I would plant some flowers in there for Spring..or just add some old silverware in a mason jar and have in the kitchen displayed.

  9. I LOVE this...whatever you do, you MUST put "RED" in it. I really do like the idea of putting bright red flowers in it for now, but just can do something different with it for different occassions!

  10. Hey there! I just found you at Confessions of a Plate Addict. I notice you are a floral designer. I am too but mine are faux!

    That is a great thrifting find. I do think it would be cute filled with flowers. :)

  11. I love that you found this stashed away in your Easter decorations! It's like antique shopping for free!

  12. That is one seriously awesome find! I would fill it with some old bottle and some plants. It would be neat to have read ticking fabric lining the inside and coming over the top too. You could add cookbooks even! What an awesome piece!

  13. This would be cute with rolle up magazines, remotes etc.

  14. WOW...that is one awesome hidden treasure!!!! Plant some flowers...get some old bottles and display flowers in them...use for a flatware/napkin caddy...use it to hold incoming mail...soooo many great ways to use this wonderful it!!!


  15. Oh, that is quite a wonderful treasure. I can see it filled in so many ways. I can't believe it was tucked in with the easter, although that could be fun too! A vintage coke easter basket. I am so food oriented that I automatically saw parchment cones filled with fresh hot french fries! Yummy! I bet you will use it a million ways.

    Thanks for the comment about my picture. I don't know why it is so scary to put that out there!

  16. LOVE!!
    Yes, leave it to the Great Mamie Jane!!

    My first thought was plants, little pots like Kim said. Then I thought, what about Rosemary and herbs!

    The I thought antique utensils with red handles!! Just like the Great Mamie Jane said!! Wow maybe she's rubbing off on me!!

  17. How about filling it with balls of yarn or wrap burlap "ribbons" around styrofoam balls? I love the idea of it holding plants, though. It's a great piece and I love it! Thanks for sharing today. Neat find!

  18. You received so many great ideas Lori ~ I really can't add to them. But, how about ice and mini coke bottles at your next BBQ?

  19. How neat is that!~ I loved that silverware, you had to drool over that too. That looks like a great place, I would have loved it. Thanks Lori for your participation in the coffee talk...I would have never known you love history...COOL!


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