Thursday, March 10, 2011

Silver Baby cups

Place your silver baby cups under a cloche and you don't have to polish them as often.

Below is Lynley's, the engraving is very light.

The twin's matching cups of course.

Hubby has one too.  Mom how come no one gave me one?  I'm sure they did it is just lost in a box somewhere right?  OK, that makes me feel better.

Lynn's mother gave me his when we were first married, I was way too young for that responsiblity and didn't polish it for a while.  This is what the back looks like.  Any tips on having stuff re-silvered?

I added burlap ribbon and called it done.


  1. These are wonderful, I love how they have a sentimental value ot them. How precious!..Christine

  2. Lori, I don't think you need to have the cup re-silvered~ I think it is just very tarnished and in need of a good cleaning and polishing. I use TarnX and then Wrights Polish.
    Love all your silver cups- and for the record- I never got one of those little things, either! I would never have thought to use baby cups in glass. So, so cool!!
    ~ Sue

  3. The cups are so precious and what a clever idea to put them under the cloche.

  4. You've inspired me to try to find my kids silver cups...

  5. Very nice idea. Love your display. ~~Sherry~~

  6. What a darling idea for display, Lori! Makes them all even more extra special to be gathered together.
    I never had one, either, so don't feel too bad. We could always buy ourselves brand NEW ones now..LOL

    I've missed the cloche party! I need to go shopping for at least ONE good one. I never seem to see them though.

    Its nice to be home & catching up with everybody. *big smile* :-D

  7. That is just precious, Lori! What a great way to display them, too.

  8. Hi Lori,

    Nice to meet you! I love how you put the baby cups under the cloche. Very clever. I agree with what one blogger commented, about the cup just needing a good cleaning. I would try that first.
    Thanks for sharing. These are just so sweet and sentimental.


  9. Great idea! Love little treasures under glass.

  10. Your baby cups are so precious and what a wonderful display. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  11. Very sweet....I didn't have a silver cup either....I think you still could get the baby cup clean. I use
    wrights polish and Mr. Clean Eraser together. It is amazing!

  12. Great idea for displaying your baby treasures. Thanks for sharing.


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