Friday, March 25, 2011

Music Festival Round Top Secret

I can't make it to the spring flea market in Round Top, TX, but I remembered from the last show, my sister and I found a music festival/area/conservatory there.  She has a neighbor who plays in the Dallas Symphony and he told her about this place.  It is amazingly secluded and a fabulous hidden gem.  Now remember Round Top, Texas boasts a population of 70, might be up to 80. 

Go here to find out more about this wonderful place, The Round Top Fesival Institute.

Here is glimpse of what we found off the beaten path.

I believe was a school moved to the property in the early 1980's.

We were the only ones on the property.  An employee finally approached us and gave us some information.  There is a summer teaching program and musicians attend from all over the world.  There are also concerts year round.  And a few bed and breakfast homes have been moved on site.

The first thing that made us get out of car was the church that had been moved here from LaGrange, TX. For recital performances.

All these photos were around the chapel grounds.  It can be rented for weddings.

New dorms are towards the back of the property.

A couple Victorian Bed and Breakfast homes have been moved onto the site.

Another garden beside the B and B.

Quiet, wonderful slice of heaven.


  1. Great post, I was headed there next week, but I got a bad cold and I'm just too tired from traveling but sure am going to miss some big fun!
    Hey did you get the name of your blog from that poem by Wordsworth with the daffodils? I love that poem!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time Lori. Great pics.

  3. Thanks for sharing this awesome the chapel.


  4. What beautiful architecture! I've only been to Round Top once, but would like to go back.


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