Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bargain hunting this week~I K E A and Goodwill

These 17 containers for 3.99, down from 4.99.

It doesn't look like much... then you pop open the package!

The 12 inch blue ceramic plates, 99 cents each.  I will be using them as chargers for the fourth of July  under my new white plates, I got in January from the same store.

Of course I added matching paper napkins.  The dark ones.

Comparison shopping - you could buy these...

First one Wisteria, second one Ballard Designs

Top one Wisteria - 179.00 sales price 89.00 plus shipping

Colored chairs - Ballard Designs 2 for 139.00 sale price 69.00 plus shipping

and yes,   Mine -14.99 each, you haul them home yourself.
They are seasonal, so go now if you have a store near you.

One of mine holds the laundry.  I bought two last year, went back for more and they were gone. Yay, this spring they are selling them again.  I now have four.  Perfect for around the card table. They fold and are easy to store.

I left these beauties behind, way cute, but so didn't need them. But would have been pretty cute with some Easter eggs in them.  I thought the set was little high at 5.99/set of three.

Onto my GW stop today, all the above were from I K E A.

A pewter mug, says Hand made in England,
Sheffield Pewter.  Oops, cleaned it right before the picture, water still inside, sorry.
Saw it on Ebay for $ 50.00.
 .99 cents at Goodwill.

I found the same white vase a couple months ago and now have two. Once again .99 cents.  I always feel like I am stealing stuff at Goodwill.

Love the tankard and love bargains even more!
And if you live near Frisco, TX go tomorrow to I K E A on an bargain run.

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  1. Fun things! I so wish there was an Ikea close by-enjoy:@)

  2. Good finds! I like those navy blue striped napkins!! I have some similar solid blue plates that I use when we grill and eat out on the deck.

  3. Awesome bargains! I have never been to Ikea but know I would love it. I think our closest option is in Atlanta.

    You are welcome to feature Emma's party. I did the photographs on this one, so I don't have quite as many as I did for Mary Ashley's. But you are welcome to use whatever you would like. Thanks!

  4. I'm so jealous...I love that chair and would love to have some, but I would need to drive for 5 hours to get some:( I have alot of their paper napkins and love them (awesome deal on them)...hop over and share all your treasures at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS.


  5. Great stuff and what a buy on those chairs. They could be painted to look like the Ballard's ones or painted and distressed to look old. Thanks for joining WUW, Lori.

  6. Great things, here, girl. We don't have Ikea anywhere close to us. BUMMER.

  7. So LOVING the 4th of July idea! You know, we do a HUGE bash at the Lake every year and I'm always looking for MORE red, white and blue ideas.

  8. IKEA is awesome! The chairs are a great deal! I could use some for the table on our patio. Easy to store!

    I know what you mean about feeling like you're stealing from Goodwill. I sometimes wonder if they really know what they have when they price things.

  9. Fabulous finds!

    I always feel kinda bad for paying so little for things at GW, too.

    I really need to take a nice Saturday morning and drive to Cincinnati where there is an IKEA.

  10. Oh, I better run off to Ikea. Those dark blue plates are perfect. I was just wishing I had some to go with some little dessert plates I bought. Your vase from GW is wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  11. Oh goodwill and ikea -- you are talking my language, lady! I cannot believe those folding chairs! What an amazing score; you should have bought as many as they had!

    Dang, can't get to IKEA this weekend. Poo. Can't even get to Goodwill, but I'm sure I will find something there next week.

    I know what you mean about "stealing." Made me laugh. Cass

  12. My daughter was just at IKEA and got some great stuff too ~ I guess I am due for a trip up there! Thanks for sharing all of your treasures. You did good!

  13. IKEA has great bargains anyway and then when it's marked down...SCORE! I love those folding chairs! I may have to try to get some of those. Love your GW finds also. The white vase is so pretty. Thanks for joining JFF. hugs, Linda

  14. Great finds!! I am so going to check the Ikea near me and see if they have those darling chairs!! Thanks so much for sharing this at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  15. I have to say, one thing I enjoy about Ikea plates & bowls are they are easily replaceable & you can buy them singly.


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