Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In our next 30 years!

Lynn and I celebreated our 30 year wedding anniversary this past weekend!
We celebrated big time in Snowbird, Utah along with 24 inches of snow.  I am not an expert skier so I only lasted one day on the slopes and spent the rest reading, eating and hot tubbing!  A girls got to do, what a girls go to do!

Lynley had cupcakes waiting for us when we got home!

The scenery was amazing and our kids surprised us by sending a bottle of wine and chocolate fondue to our "fancy dinner", the first night we were there.  So glad I sent that email with our itinerary, flights, hotel phone number.  I know I'm old school, we do all have cell phones, but.... it made me feel better that they knew where and when we were coming and going. (that's how they knew we were having dinner at the 10th floor restaurant)

Some of the beautiful sites below... hubbie first one.

View from our room, really!
One minute clear, the next minute this moved in....

We walked onto the tram and road up to 11,500 feet, very top of the mountain.  The eight year old next to me had already skied down once!  These people were a little bit crazy.

Hmmmm, I can't wait to see what the next 30 years has in store!

Snowbird, Utah 2/28/2011

Did I mention a lot of snow!


  1. Happy Anniversary and congratulations, what a beautiful post and such wonderful kids. Many, many more. Thanks for sharing you are such a cute couple. Terri

  2. Happy Anny! Looks like a great trip, the view from the room is amazing! How fun the kids surprised you:@)

  3. Happy Anniversary! How awesome is that! Looks cold, but beautiful!

  4. Happy Anniversary belated to you Lori and your hubby! I love how you celebrated it, cozing it up in the old weather. Hope you visit me, we were just celebrating Fe. 25th. our 36th. Anniversary and I have a post on it too.
    May God bless you and celebrate 30 or more years together. Thank uou for sharing.


  5. What a different post from the last one!!! That is so cool I am so happy for you both, what a great trip and thanks for bringing us along to see that beautiful place!

  6. Happy Anniversary! And what great scenery! I'm glad you had a fun getaway.

  7. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a great trip!

  8. What great shots! Congrats on 30 years....and 30 more to come!

  9. Happy Anniversary Lori! What a tremendous milestone and it looks like you guys had a fantastic time celebrating! :-)


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