Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McKinney Trade Days - June

It was a 100 degree day, I didn't stay long...

Join me for some boot scootin' around McKinney third Monday trade days.  See if you can notice the "in" color of the year!

Which booth would you have stopped for a look? 

Here is what I came home with.  The plate is Homer Laughlin, 1939, plant 6, $2.00.  Whatever that means.  The lady said it is the same company that makes Fiesta Ware.  I also bought the tiffany blue colored Haeger planter, 5125.  The guy made it sound like a steal at $10.00 or did I get robbed?  Doesn't matter I just like the pattern and color and only a tiny chip at the top that I didn't notice until I got home.

I like how the trim on this plate reminds me of a bandana.  I plan on using this around Christmas time the red is a beautiful deep red.

In the tiffany blue planter I added a bird nest and bird and placed it on an iron pedastal in the den.

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  1. Oh I should have gone. I spotted some crates in your pictures I would have loved to have. I don't know if you got a deal or robbed, but if you love it and it's not much, who cares. I only buy stuff I love so that if I find out later it wasn't a good deal, I'm fine with it. I think the planter is lovely and a great color.

  2. I live that plate! The planter is very cute-I rarely buy because of the actual value, just the look, no doubt I'm robbed daily. I'm on my way home with a car full of junk...I mean treasures that I can't wait to share, and find a home.

  3. I love those glass plates.... My mother calls them carnival glass but I think carnival glass is actually that stuff with the opalescent swirls in it. Whatever the glass is called, I have several pieces in pink and I love it.

  4. I love both and GUESS WHAT--I used to live in McKinney Texas--in Stonebridge.

    What a small world.

    I signed up to follow and would love to have you follow me as well.
    Thanks for posting to the party. I hope you have a great week.


  5. I want some of those boots sooo bad! They haven't made there way here to SC yet! Great finds!

  6. GReat finds, wish they had something like that around here, and just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments you leave ;)

  7. A 100 degress, that's child's play. Okay, just kidding but can you go back? I have a whole list of things I picked out from your pictures.

    Very nice!

  8. What a neat place Lori...loving those boots...although they would not feel great in this 97 degrees...but how cute in the Fall!~ Great photos...thanks for sharing. Debbiedoos

  9. I saw a ton of aqua colored items, and I want them all. That looks like a great sale. Thanks for sharing. I do like your vase and would have paid the price.

  10. The 100 degrees would have killed me but I would have fought off heat exhaustion for all that depression glass!!! And WOW what great things you shared with us today!! I wish I loved by that place!!


  11. Great finds, lovin' the plate, it sure does remind one of a bandana. I got to tell you.... I am an Arizona Native, but I hate to be out when it hits 98 degrees or higher.

    I might have had to stay in the heat just for a few minutes though to check out those boots!

  12. LOVE that planter -- never mind the chip, it will get covered by the lush leaves of whatever you put in it.

    I found one vase by Haeger last winter at Goodwill and snatched it up -- their pieces are usually lovely, and getting collectible. Not valuable, but great fun and great style and colors, too.

    I think $10 was a fair price, and a good buy. I'd buy it for that -- it's gorgeous!
    Love the plate, too. Can't have too many dishes!

  13. Very nice looking sale. I would have definately stopped at the cottage garden place and the "It's five oclock somewhere" booth.
    Your pretty red plate does sorta remind me of a bandana too! You did good!

  14. Lori, that plate is beautiful. I love the colors and pattern. That planter is nice, too and I don't think that was too much.

  15. Is it aqua!? :) Hi Lori, I like all your buys and why is it we don't notice a tiny chip on something until we get it home? And it doesn't matter what you paid for something as long as you love it. I have things I paid 70 cents for that I love as much as the $700.00 chair. :) Come for a visit and see my sweet chair planter.

  16. Oh, that plate! I have some that I got from my Nuni, my Italian grandmother. I have two cups, salad plates and some dinner plates and I adore them. One of the cups I found at GW. I agree, if you love it and the price seems fair, then you did OK.
    As far as the temperature goes, you southern girls are tough with the heat, we norther girls do the cold pretty tough. Here's to sweet tea!

  17. Ooooohhhhh! I need that mermaid!!!! Great finds and what a neat place!

  18. Great finds! I love the plate.


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