Monday, June 14, 2010

Gitter done! Part One

Like I need something else to do... just finished my second wedding for the month of June... see here Ooohlala Floral for pictures.

I told Lynn I wanted to change up the kitchen.  So took everything down, boxed up and cleaned.  We have been here eight years time for a change up.

Here are some before pictures.  I will be re-arranging above the cabinets, counters and island.

Get rid of dusty old artificial flowers.

Love these number glasses have to display these better, will re-use.

Wine rack, I can't reach it up high, it will go...

Fleur de lis and Ooh la la a keeper.


Will be keeping off white accessories.

Remember this wall....idea already being formed.

Dark candle holders will be placed in storage for fall.
It may take me a few days but stay tuned.....

Donna at Funky Junk inspired me to gitter done. So I am now in the middle of this project, stay turned for Part Two - the Gotter done!

One after shelf done... take a peek

I know flash or no flash, that is the question, in my dark house I am thinking flash.


  1. Well that Donna sure knows how to get us in action, doesn't she. Your project is looking good already.
    I would say no to the flash but use a tripod or something steady to put your camera on. But that can be tricky if your trying to photograph things on top of cabinets. I get that. So I guess do what works.....
    (now wasn't I a big help. LOL)

  2. That is a big project.
    After seeing such beautiful kitchens on other blogs, I need to add some pizazz to my own, even if mine is just a narrow walkthrough.
    I'll be back to see the results.

  3. I need to do the same thing in my kitchen. I have about a bazillion projects that I have been procrastinating. I'm glad to see that Donna has motivated us to get going on at least one.

  4. Way to GO! A start is a start and you're already feeling results. Just awesome! I'm glad you joined in even without your project being all completed.

    As for the flash no/flash, I say no flash, but find another light source to help. I use an auto tree lamp with dual lights, shining one on the ceiling and one on the floor, NOT on your subject. Get your camera on something rock steady and snap. You'll find a drastic change to your photos doing all this.

    Can't wait to see Part 2! Glad GD helped to inspire you. :)


  5. Love the off white accessories. That's a big job to tackle, but it's looking good already!

  6. Loving those glass bottles with the numbers in.

  7. I always most always do no is just to harsh and the color is never correct. So excited for your cleaning out project.

  8. I love those glasses with the numbers! I think you have a great start with the tops of your cabinets. It's looking good.

    I prefer no flash but used it today in my closet. I was in a hurry to gitter done!


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