Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gitter done! Part Two - Lovin' this project

When life get's boring - re-arrange an entire room.

Gitter done, part one in case you are interested or missed it is here.

I used my kitchen as a freshen up project.  We have been in this house going on nine years.  So the only thing lately in the kitchen that I have been updating is the island.  Everything up high just stayed the same, but just got greasier and dustier.  Which you really realize when you take everything down.

Here is some of my pile of dirty stash.... notice the hodgepodge of different colors.

Now enjoy my little tour of my small kitchen.  Which now feels fresh and totally new to me!
This area had butter churn and dusty silk flowers, baskets and the numbered glasses.  Now this.... when I took everything down and piled it up, I found three similar containers with fleur de lis patterns on them.  They make a nice matching grouping on the shelf I brought from another room.


Previous day... before

Move on to the cabinets over the fridge.  I left the print on the wall, because it is a major favorite item and I knew I would continue to use. Took down the wine rack which I couldn't reach and a fleur de lis canister. Now hey, look how good the Oohlala sign and iron watcha's (watch ya call its, iron thingys is that better?)  look arranged around the picture of the couple eating in a french restaurant.  If they want a little candlelight, I can put a tea light in the candle holder to the left.  You can't see the fleur de lis cutouts, but they are there in the lampshade.  Done.

Now the counter area next to the fridge... remember the number glasses from the previous day picture above, they can hardly be seen.  Found these at an antique store in Lewisville years ago.  The glasses are tall and skinny.  Lemonade would be wonderful.

Now turn and glance at the new island vignette.  I left only the lamp from the old picture, it is so cozy that the light stays on 24 hours.  I do use a new fangled "last forever bulb" if that helps for me to justify the night light it provides. Then I moved an iron tray in and filled it with my, new to me, blue mason jars. I'm using them as containers for matches, straws, wine corks..... hmmmm why I need two for the wine corks.  I just don't know how they pile up so fast. Three reasons maybe? Merlot, Cabernet Savignon and Chardonay might have something to do with it.  I took this picture late in the day so you can see the fun and curly shadows of the tray.

After ....

old full island vignette - before

Did you get a chance to glance at the table?  Cleared and a simple arrangment in the center.  Took all I could to not add more stuff, but I am liking the simplicity.

Behind you and look up and see the final cabinet top that I re-arranged.  The birdhouses and iron star got a shower of ivory Krylon spary paint.  The pewter candle sticks got the fresh new ivory colored candles to go with the new light and bright theme.  I brought back in the clock and added the empty frames. GW find. Also added the dried heather in the silver tin flower holder.  Maybe a few dried hydrangeas would look good there too.

Finally, I have been wanting to try the plate arrangements on the wall that I have seen a lot of pictures of.  Here is my rendition.  LOVE it!  I found these cool plate holders that glue to the back of the plate so you don't see any of the plate hanger.  The instructions say they wash off with a little soak and soapy water when you are done. Hobby Lobby shout out.  (will give more details on my history of the plates post, stay tuned.)  History here

The only spot not finished, because I don't have a saw, leftover wood or a handyman laying around, is that I want a white bench for my window seat area by the table.  It would sit high enough that if I placed something there it would be seen and not look just like I put it on the window seat to get it out of the way.  I'm going to a flea market this weekend maybe someone wants to get rid of one.  Maybe there will be a handyman laying on it!  Giggle... you know you smiled, just the thought.

Almost forgot, even changed out a kitchen towel for a more summer look. Love Vera.
(not Wang, the original Vera) People reading this that are under 30 are saying, "huh, the original?" I also wiped down the dishwasher after I saw this photo.  I have to get better with my set up photo skills.

Thanks to Donna at Funky Junk for giving me a push to finally Gitter Done.  I have been wanting to do this project for a while.  Now fellow bloggers quit coming up with great ideas.  I gotter done and would like to stay that way for a while.

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  1. Lori, doesn't it feel good to change things up. It's like getting a new room.

  2. You go girl!!~ Love it, looks fun and fresh and so ready for summer.....and fall, and winter:) whatever you make it, it certainly is a refreshing change, and simple right? Well kinda the climbing up and down is killer. Thanks for linking up to the party. Have a great weekend, and hope you enjoy some of the other fun at the party.

  3. Love your plates on the wall. I have been wanting to do that in my kitchen/dining room but just haven't found any that really spoke to me "hang me on your wall."

  4. It is amazing how arranging and adding a bit of something new to a room can totally transform it and freshen it up!!
    I too love to do this from time to time so I don't get bored with things!!

    Great job!!


  5. Stopping by from the My Romantic Home party! What a great remix. You have so many wonderful accessories to work with and it really freshened up everything!!

  6. Looks great Lori.. I'm inspired:) my cabs got painted last year and I never got my stuff back up there. Now I will..


  7. Looks wonderful Lori...I love to chage things up all the time...the only thing I can't do now at my age is move furniture from room to room ha ha!! girl I jsy love all your wonderful chages...Hope you have a GREAT weekend and thanks for sharing once again...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Everything looks so great. I love those glasses with the numbers, and your plate arrangement over the doorway turned out so good. Love the way you added that little shelf to the top of your cabinet (more display space!). Your Vera towel is so pretty. I'm amazed when I post a photo on my blog and realize how dirty something looks. I always wonder how I didn't notice that when I was taking the picture. Thank you for linking up. laurie

  9. Wonderful changes. It looks very nice. I change and clean that stuff above my cabinets too. Have a great weekend.

  10. Amazing how making a few changes helps us see everything with fresh eyes. Looks great!

  11. You have made some great changes. I love everything but I absolutely adore those plates on the wall- Gorgeous!

    Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,

  12. Great changes. Love the plates on the wall.

  13. Everything looks nice and fresh, and dust free ;). What a great git-er-done project.

  14. Doesn't everything look new when you rearrange? Love the new kitchen re-do.

  15. Glad I came across you again from debbiedoos! I wanted to be a follower and forgot last time I was here!!

  16. I love the plates on the wall. I too have seen that all over blogland, but I haven't found the right combination of plates yet. Good job.


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