Friday, June 11, 2010

Bless my heart! Cocktail napkins

I have a fetish, obsession, problem, collection of cocktail napkins!

Here are the two I am currently using.  When I want to be frilly I use the above.  When I want to be feisty I use this one...

I have this basket full waiting to be used...

Can you read the one in black and white.. The higher the hair the closer to God!

Any holiday, I am ready.  Best thing I never pay full price, GW, Round Top and clearance.

Oh yeah and some in this drawer too...

You know who to call if you run out!
Bless my heart, I don't even know I have a problem great collection.

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  1. These napkins are too cute...I can't buy them b/c I won't use them b/c I'll think they are too cute!! I'm sorry I won't be able to join you guys this weekend! I actually head out of town in a few hours for about a week and a half (though post will still be up). Keep me posted though! Looking forward to your next blogging adventure!

  2. So cute! I have a friend that loves these napkins too. For my birthday she always loads me up on a few...they are fun, I like the hair one LOL!~ Thanks for joining in on the party!~

  3. Those are fun! Love the leopard ones :) Thanks for linking to FTF!

  4. What a fun thing to collect, I love the high hair one:)

  5. Those are great. I like to get the hand towels and Tuesday Morning has both kinds really cheap. I stock up there.

  6. Oh my word!!! I really love the tacky ones and the hair napkins!!! That is me all the way!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I also have a collection of paper napkins. Just can't pass them up when I see them on sale. Now I want to go out and find those "tacky" napkins. Those are great. Enjoyed your commentary too. laurie

  8. Everybody has to have a 'collection" of something! Love the 'tacky' ones!


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