Monday, March 15, 2010

Kiss me I'm Irish.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here are few pics of the St. Patty's stuff that I have.  I have a whole box of beads and silly hats that we have worn over the years in Baton Rouge, either on our family float or now watching from the sidelines.  My sister's house is on the parade route, SCORE!  Thanks, Jill

I missed  the festivities this year, I booked flowers for a wedding the day of the big parade in BR.  Some day I may need a back up florist for when I do silly (stupid)  things like that.  

So this year I will be happy to enjoy my special keepsakes from years past.

Tumbling Leprechaun's doesn't everyone have some?

Lynley first parade year, she was three.

Aunt Carole, Melissa, Ann Marie, Mom
Parade year that LSU won the football National Championship
We blared the LSU fight song the entire route.

Shiny green wig year.  Green Eggs and Shamrocks!

Stained glass shamrock and Irish Blessings to everyone!


I'm having fun with Kathleen and her St. Patrick's Day Crawl
and a Stroll thru Life  and JanMary in Ireland


  1. Hi and look at your cute St. Paddy's Day things! I'm a wee bit Irish myself but I just don't have any little pretties like you. Glad you popped in to see me and I do hope you'll come back - goofy post title or not! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoyed the sayings...

  3. Love your pictures of everyone dressed up!! Fun memories!

  4. I want me some of those tumblin' leprechauns!! Too cute. Have a happy day tomorrow- you're all Irish on March 17th!
    :-) Sue

  5. Lori, You have some beautiful Irish mementoes but that crystal cross has to be the best! What a treasured piece!
    I wanted to be a florist when I was just getting out of high school, but people told me I'd hate working late for every holiday. So I became a nurse & NEVER got any holidays off, except maybe Halloween! :/

  6. Just to clarify, I did NOT do my flower arrangement...I tried & it looked so pitiful that I carried it & my extra flowers to my nearby florist & asked her to fix it for me! LOL She is going to hold some classes soon, so I signed up. I've taken them before but I guess I'd forgotten most of what I learned. I'm looking forward to attending. Maybe I can show off something of my own soon.
    Thanks again for your sweet comments.

  7. Great pictures and what memories you must have from parades past :)


  8. Wonderful post....those little guys on the vignette are just way too cute!~ Pretty picture frame too...everything made me smile! Happy St. Pats day to you!

  9. Happy St Patrick's Day from N Ireland :)

  10. Oh I love your decor and the pictues are just wonderful. How fun. Thanks so much for joining the party. I am having so much fun seeing everything so lovely. Hugs, Marty

  11. Love your little tumbling leprechauns. I don't have any.... maybe I need some! :)


  12. Love all your memories from St. Patrick's Days past

  13. So glad you joined in! Looks like quite a collection, and lots of fun memories..They are the best..
    Hope you have a good one...

  14. I smiled when I read your post title "Kiss me I'm Irish"...I bought some fabric and made place mats for my Irish table and it says the same thing....:)..come by to see it.
    I love all your Irish...thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh my very nicely done! Top o' the mornin' to ye! Cathy


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