Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Found it, thanks Barnes and Noble

Finally, after seeing everybody else had found their copy, my Walmart, CVS, Walgreens never had any, at lunch today I passed a Barnes and Noble and if they wouldn't have it, no one would.  TaDahhh!!! I grabbed a copy (like the two guys reading Forbes and Computer mags were gonna fight me for it).

I borrowed the picture from LINDA  at Coastal Charm.  She got her's at Walmart with a discount, I didn't know they did that!

Canton, Texas is featured and and the flea market I will be attending later this month is mentioned.

Good weekend reading coming up, if I finish it before then, I will begin my second reading, were I make notes and fold pages. Yeah me, can you tell I am easy to please.


  1. Hi, nice to meet you!! I'm looking for a copy too!! Hope i can find one.I'm enjoying your blog....Kathy

  2. Lori, I stood in Borders two week ago with it in my hand and did not buy it because of the ten dollar tag. I may go back and get it though. I glanced through it and just wasn't sure it was something I wanted to pay that much for!

  3. I know most expensive mag I have ever bought. But I kind of have a thing (almost addiction) with magazines. I now limit myself to Southern Living and I just signed up for More (mature lady magazine)


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