Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flower weekend

This weekend I worked on wedding flowers.  Most wonderful location in McKinney, TX.  McKinney Cotton Mill.  They have done a magnificent job of breathing new life into a shell of a building.

You park on the other side of this building, little building is the office.

This is when you enter the outdoor ceremony site, that is attached to the huge mill.  It rises two stories and the ceiling is gone.  It was gorgeous weather for this bride and groom.  Couldn't have been more perfect.  A little windy, but probably around 65 degrees for the ceremony.  Ball in picture a little girl had been playing with. oops.

These iron pew markers had hanging lanterns and were beautiful.

These are the two altar arrangements, chillin' in the shade.  The antique hydrangeas were huge.
You walked from this area into the reception room, gotta love a bride who knows what she likes.  I heard the reception was being catered by Babes!  The grooms cake was going to be their banana pudding served in martini glasses.

I hope the professional pictures will be better and I will post soon.

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  1. Those flowers are beautiful and what a great place for someone to have a wedding. I remember when we had to order flowers for my daughter's wedding. Boy, they are expensive.

  2. What a lovely site - and gorgeous flowers! I love visiting McKinney although I haven't been in forever!

  3. This is just a stunning location for a wedding Lori.

  4. What a pretty place to have a wedding, with the sky as your roof!! :-)

  5. And I forgot to say that your flowers are a mazing! I love all the greens you used!

  6. Yes, I did notice! One of my daughters fellow irish dancers was married last June, and she used bells of Ireland and daisies in her floral arrangements. Sweet and simple and beautiful all at the same time.

  7. We got married here! So fun to see it more and more. Word is getting out about this place!

    Thanks for your comment! We'll see . . . ! Kelly

  8. I love the flower arrangments! Those hydrangeas are out of this world, and the bells of ireland, and eucalyptus leaves....gorgeous!!


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