Saturday, March 20, 2010

Apron holder - Christmas to Texas stars

I decided to hang my aprons in the laundry room over the holidays.  It is March and I just hung my Ooohlala aprons over the Christmas ones.  Santa is still holding everything up, Christmas and Ooohlala aprons that we wear when delivering flowers.  Did I mention we are half way through March!
Oh yeah, I did.

I found this at GW... lovely bright red.  It was brand new but, half price.  $4.00.  Hummm... I think I have brown spray (Rustoleum - hammered iron) paint at it came home with me.

I also think it is time to repaint the laundry room.  I know I have leftover Sherwin William - latte colored paint in the garage.

Tadahh!! paint on the wall still a little wet, I couldn't wait to see it hanging though.

My latest, greatest apron find.... Ross for $5.99.  You know Simone at Beach Vintage is loving this one.  Not vintage fabric, but new fabric with that vintage look.  Yellow polka dot is vintage and a Canton, TX trip purchase.

Now, doesn't everyone have Claude Monet prints in their laundry room.

I would like to be either place other than the laundry room, little girl in Sunflowers or reading a book in a park.

The laurndry room complete, with new apron holder, fresh paint...and Santa is back in storage.  All is right with the laundry room.  Good-night.

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  1. That looks great and I need to freshen up my laundry room, too.

  2. I'm coming home with a suitcase full of laundry, do you might if I swing by and do some laundry while I check out the new changes? ;o) Love the aprons....I'm obsessed with them...never wear them, but have enough to apron an army should they ever stop by my house and apron...;o)

  3. Do you ever see a post on someone's blog and say "Uh-oh, I was gonna do that post!" Well, first let me say that I LOVE your aprons and the darling wall hanger. {The lime green & pink is calling out my name!} Anywho...I have an apron post in my drafts similar to yours. Of course, my hanger is different {fleur de lis} and the aprons also:) Just so you don't think I'm copying your idea:) I just found out yesterday (from an email to me from one of my readers) about a blogger who had used one of my photos and exact verbage from one of my posts and put it on HER blog as HER work. So I want to make sure no one thinks I'm copying them. To close, again, LOVE your aprons!

  4. Oh Lori, they look so great all hanging up there like that. You know I love aprons!

  5. Love the new apron holder, but mostly I love the aprons. The yellow polka dot is to die for. I collect aprons and am trying to find a place to hang them, so the world can see them, hummm didn't think about the laundrey room.

    Thanks for sharing at the Spring Fling.

    Cha Cha

  6. look at your treasures in aprons!

    i agree with cha cha ~ that yellow apron is yummy! love how you displayed them. isn't GW amazing??? the barn stars hook is great & it being brand new...what were they thinking, but a super score for you!

    if only i were so lucky to have a laundry room...we have to go down in the deep dark basement for ours...
    thanks for linking up & sharing your transformation.


  7. Lori,
    My post about my aprons is in 'draft form' right now and I'm not sure exactly when it will be posted. {I'm kinda waiting to coordinate the apron post with another topic--cookbooks & cookware, and keep them together.--crazy, I know} I took down my labels because the list was so lengthy and such a mess! I guess I need to put them back up.

  8. I'm lovin' your thrifty apron holder makeover! Hope you have a FUN day:)


  9. This looks great -- neat and tidy! Isn't it funny how one small purchase leads to a total makeover! I like art in a laundry room.

    This is my first visit to your lovely blog via blessed nest. I will be returning to your blog. Thank you for sharing!

  10. You have the cutest aprons! Love the wall color too. I just bought me an apron and can't wait to wear it! I had some catching up to do around this your standard blog? I will have to add it to my roll list so I get my butt over here in time!


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