Friday, March 26, 2010

Birds nest and a surprise!

We will have babies soon... look what Lynn found on our bakers rack outside.

Mama was away at the moment.  I hope she comes back to keep her babies warm.  Looks like at least three little ones.  Lynn said he had seen her flying in and out building her nest. 


  1. How cute. You're going to be a grandma!!

  2. awww, i love it when birdies make their nest in our yard, too! so sweet. one time the nest fell and baby birdies were everywhere. i thought they'd die. we put them back in their nests and they thrived and all made it! i felt like jack hannah! : ) happy weekend.

  3. What an awesome candy store. Chocolate covered almonds/olives. Weird! Who would've thunk!

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