Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What is Red and green and bright all over?

Our Christmas tree!  And yes, the 14 month old grand-daughters were over for a visit and nothing is broken .... yet.

Mainly red and green glass ornaments.  But, some of my favorite themed ornaments are below.  You are my sunshine, from my Mom.

A Cowboy boot.

The more shine and glitter the better!

An Irish top hat.

My favorite Aunt Carole gave me a lot of the character ornaments.

 Snow village churches nestled under the tree.  

A Celtic Cross and St Nick side by side.   

 I ended up pushing presents way back under the tree.  Layton was ready to open. 

Hadley loved the jingle bells.

Yes, we have a fresh tree.  This year no crawling under for watering, I have a new gadget to show you.

Next post.  Genius, silly invention!


  1. Is it a christmas tree funnel? Those seem to be the rage in blogland this year.

    Your tree is so pretty!

  2. Your tree is gorgeous, my kind, with lovely greens, reds and whites! I love your pretty ornies too, but the babies are too adorable next to the tree! Happy Christmas holidays!

  3. You will have a ball this Christmas. Babies just make it so much fun. I'm glad the girls are leaving the tree alone, mine do too, it's the running boys and swords that make me nervous now.


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