Friday, December 6, 2013

Ice Day in Dallas

I know it is disrupting a lot of things.  Christmas parties, parades, tour of homes,work and even cancelled the Dallas marathon.  Sean and Melissa had been training for the half marathon this time. 

But...I am stuck in the house with bunches of Christmas storage boxes, so geez what's a girl to do.

 That is not fake plastic snow, it is little balls of ice.

Oh what fun it is....


  1. Amazing, ice in Dallas, temps in the 20's in Vegas and here in Philly, where we'd expect those things, the temps have been in the 60's! Enjoy your decorating:@)

  2. I talked to my sister this morning (she's in Frisco) and she was home from work because of the ice. Better to be home than risking slipping and sliding! Stay warm and safe!!

  3. I spent the day doing the same. Slipped my way to the mailbox, and that was all I poked my nose out for. Fa la la la la la la la la!

  4. My husband was on one of the few flights that made it into Dallas today. It is so hot and humid here that the snow and ice almost seems nice. Almost!

  5. It's been crazy here, hasn't it??? My friend's son, Brandon Cumby, was featured on the news recently. He was electrocuted in August 2012 and miraculously survived. He is a runner and was all set for the Marathon. As for us - we hunkered down on Thursday afternoon and have not been out since. I just hope the roads are clear enough for us to get to Quadville Monday afternoon!! I loved your pics - no fake snow required!!


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