Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to water your fresh Christmas Tree.

Thank goodness I saw this at the check out line at Home Depot. 

 A simple red funnel attached to...

a long green plastic tube, that slides through the middle of the tree into the stand. I pulled it in and out for a few days and then thought, why not just leave it in place in the back of the tree.

It is magic, you can't find it can you?  And I don't have to crawl under the tree for watering.  (If you are really trying to find it, I moved it away from the dotted ornaments, further back, under the drum ornament, just a bit above and to the right of the blue ornament.  All you can see it the rim of the red funnel behind a branch.)  

Now that is one of those "Why didn't I think of that?". The creators are probably living in one of those huge houses you drive by and say "what do they do?".  Probably 10 cents worth of plastic and it sold for $4.95.  Run, go get one before they sell out!


  1. What a perfectly PERFECT idea!!! I do not have a real tree anywhere in my house and this just makes me sad! Looking for some fresh garland or even pieces of fir branches just for that FRAGRANCE of Christmas!!! Maybe next year......this idea will definitely help!!!

  2. WOW- What a great idea. I need to pick one of those up. Why didn't we think of that? xo Diana


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